About Us

We are about change. We are about hope. We are about the continual dream and reality of making a positive difference in the world around us. We believe that together, we really can make a difference!

We all know apathy sucks. We all agree that injustice is not acceptable. We all want to do something to stop the cycle of selfishness in our lives and in our world. It is possible - but we need to know where to start. So that is why, every day, we are challenging the status quo and calling the world in which we live to wake up and Live Different.

To Live Different means to choose to answer the call to social activism, each and every day - starting with ourselves.

LiveDifferent was established as a Canadian charity in 2000. From the very beginning we have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we encounter through our high school presentations, our humanitarian outreach programs, and our leadership development opportunities. We have grown over the years, but one thing will never change: our commitment to inspiring those around us to embrace hope and change, starting with their own lives.

We believe that each of us can be a part of that change, each and every day. All it takes is us just beginning to do it! From reaching out to someone in your life, to changing how you shop, to traveling around the world with our LiveDifferent Builds and Academy programs, each of us can be a part of something incredible. Each of us can LiveDifferent!

For more info, please visit www.livedifferent.com/about-us